Frequently Asked Questions

AIOX is a decentralised utility token which will be used in P2P transaction in the online market which will be tie-up with AIOX. It will be used AIOEX, AIOFX and on other exchanges for trading also.
AIOEX is an upcoming crypto currency exchange.
AIOX will play the role as an exchange coin on AIOEX. Any trader will get 50% discount there on the trading charge if he uses AIOX to pay the trading fee.
AIOFX is an upcoming new smart block chain based cross - asset trading platform for Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrency.
AIOX will play the role here same as on AIOEX.
The aim of AIOX is reduce the loss and increase the gain of investors and traders in the volatile and manipulate market.
The marketing team of AIOX will be work to create a new utility to increase the demand of AIOX in the market and supply of AIOX will be very less. To understand deeply please see the token supply chart and roadmap.
Because you can buy AIOX in very less price in PreICO & ICO. You can start your earning when you want. Please see the plan section to better understand.
1. Login your account after registration in AIOX.
2. Click on the plan and select a package.
3. After package selection the system will show you the number of the required ETH and deposit address.
4. Copy the deposit address and go to your personal wallet and paste this address in recipient column and fill required number+transaction charges and then proceed. After transfer you check the status on and copy your TX ID or if you transfer your ETH from exchange wallet then go to the withdrawal history and copy your TX ID and then return to the AIOX site and submit your TX ID in the TX ID submit column.
5. Your ID will be activated after completion of transaction success. Note - Please send 1% or 2% more ETH because market is volatile and transaction confirmation is taking some time.