Why Crowdsale

(1) As AIOX platform is going to become world's top ranking crypto currency in coming 2- 3 years, we have decided to bring a unique opportunity for investors to create a profit out of their investment regularly, because in the coming years, crypto currency market is growing in large scale and daily thousands of new users are added in the crypto market. so we want every one to take part in this innovative platform.

(2) To stop the volatility and manupulation our marketing team always doing the works to create own new market to raise it's utility & Demand to maximize the profit of investors.

(3) We take care of al-from samll investors to big investors-and give everyone equal opportunity get maximum profit.

(4) These are several options that we wil be to putting in the coming time to make AIOX a Primary choice among all altcoins.

(5) We are launching soon own walet, exchange, online marketing platform, and blockchain technology.

Fund / Token distribution

In order to make AIOX token distribution process more efficient, the AIOX price will now be linked to USD and later to BTC post listing.


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