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First Crypto currency which creating own markets with general market for its utility to raise the revenue of investors and traders.

Easy to use for P2P transaction.

Preference POS and mine without equipment because it's purpose is to save time, electricity, money and planates (by not generating heat in the mining)

Security :- Security has increasingly be came an issue in the financial sector but in blockchain system have not any sensitive financial data on a Central server, especially data used to authenticate financial transaction, is not AIOX purposes using many of the security features and stringent protocols that have proven successful. This will enables users take advantage of several strong security protocols in relation to login and payment approval, including : '2FA' adds an additional security layer to user accounts . 2FA feature gives users a convenient solution to securing their data.

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AIOX is built with a secure-scifentic and well structured approach to working algorithm with important mechanisms and wide supporting features after an intense research done on economic. Social and mathematical behaviour of the cryptocurrency markets. Significant in the basic design language from the scratch with some secret mathematical inclusion resulted in high security against cyber- attacks and flaws which conceptually makes the AIOX a perfect alternative to top cryptos in the market. AIOX focus is on left out community of potential cryptocurrency customers and engage them as an actively participating elements with its futuristic fan fast Changing financial ecosystem

The flat Currency with acts as an effective, value transfer medium enable millions of traders across cities, countries and inter continents to exchange thair good with number printed papers backed by gold or silver with is approved by government.

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Our Strategy and Project Plan

Company Roadmap


Ecosystem key features

The AIOX Ecosystem has many differentiators that make it the first choice for the Participants.

Safe & Secure
Utility Tokens
P2P Transaction
Seamless Withdrawal Options
Near Zero Latency

Features of AIOX

Create Your Own Trading Basket

AIOX is built with proof of work (POW)/Proof of stake (POS) hybrid technology which provides a platform for mining and staking together. However the AIOX project is primarily focused on staking due to safeless mining proc

Provides Seamless Switchover

Competitively rewarding POS system which acts as an additional security in validating the blocks in a blockchain

Futuristic Platform

AIOX can be used in place of currency for shoping as a financial asset.

White Label Partnerships

AIOX has easy value transfer and reduces the burden of carrying currency and making it more secure.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

The best difficulty and reward adjustment strategy has been disigned with an intention to competitively incentivize the users.

Priority Based Client Support

Highly experienced team to support customers and queries.

Fund / Token distribution

In order to make AIOX token distribution process more efficient, the AIOX price will now be linked to USD and later to BTC post listing.


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